Who is qualified to be the Guarantor for the Guarantor Loans?


The principle of choosing a guarantor for the Guarantor loanscannot be random. You cannot choose someone that you know to be the guarantor. The guarantor will be the security of your loan. He or she will involve in the process from the start until the loan is fully paid.

Choosing the guarantor

The lender allows you to choose between your friend, family or colleague. You also could take your spouse as the guarantor when both of you have separate bank accounts. You could mention the separate bank account on the application. The lender asks for the guarantor for your loan because the lender wants the low-risk loan. When your finances are understandable and can afford the loan, the approval will come immediately


When you choose a guarantor, you should choose the one who is willing to involve until the end. You could find someone who wants to help you increase the credit score or credit rating. Otherwise, you should try someone who you trust and vice versa and has a good credit score. The person who needs to avoid for being a guarantor is the one with bad credit.

What is the Different between Guarantor Loans with Other Loans?


Choosing the right loan could be not easy. As one of the types of the loans, Guarantor loanshave the advantages and disadvantages. To make sure you choose the right loan, you should be able to know the different from one to another.

The differences

The general differences of the guarantor loans and other loans are the loan amount, duration, interest, and extra person part of the loan agreement. If you compare the guarantor loans with the payday loans, the differences are quite clear. The payday loan involves the borrower and the lender only. Besides that, it is programmed to be repaid at the end of the month on the next pay day. Overall, the loan should be paid in two or four weeks. It is usually only to cover the emergency expenses.


On the guarantor loans, it requires an extra person as the guarantor on the transaction and the agreement. The guarantor is the additional person on the application and transaction and he and she will involve fully in the process. The person who you choose as the guarantor should have good credit score. But, as borrowers, you are able to apply even though you have bad credit score.